Social Capital over Quarterly Profit

Ethical companies are worth more to your portfolio, and our society.

Our corporate valuation combines financial and factual ESG metrics, allowing you to make informed investing decisions that ultimately benefit everyone.

The Financial Accountability & Impact Ratio Valuation Model (FAIR VM) quantifies the financial impact of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts by large corporations. Historically, investments were made purely from a profitability standpoint as ESG activities were difficult to quantify. Our model eliminates that difficulty and equips investors with the tools necessary to make socially responsible investment decisions, not just profitable ones.

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What Sort of Activities Do We Assess?


We look at each company's environmental efforts. For example, what are they doing to reduce water consumption? How about lowering their carbon emissions? Are they using renewable energy sources?


We also take note of a company's social activities. These include both internal programs, such as employee resource groups, as well as external ones like volunteer and community engagement programs.


Finally, we assess the governance factors for each company, such as fair executive compensation, benefits offered to employees, and organizational policies that impact workers, to name a few.

Quantified ESG

We quantify company's ESG efforts by revaluing their stock price and capitalization

Objective Data

We only source our corporate ESG data from reputable sources to ensure objectivity and accuracy

150 ESG Metrics

By analyzing and weighing numerous ESG dimensions we ensure that our valuation is comprehensive and balanced

Stock Valuation

FAIR VM adjusts current stock price of a company and identifies whether it's undervalued or overvalued based on ESG efforts

Social Capital

Our model calculates the dollar amount that a company, based on it's size and ESG efforts, adds to or removes from society

FAIR Investing

We help you identify FAIR investment opportunities, those designed to maximize your returns while having a positive impact on our society